The CNGroup

The CNGroup is a multi-service organisation established in 1995 by CEO and Managing Director, Clive Neame.

The Group’s operations encompass the various industries of engineering, finance, yachting and photography. Our companies are part of a family rather than a hierarchy. Differentiated only by its industry, each CN company is supported by the group network; ensuring a solid foundation of culture and values that both define and unify each company as a whole.

Our Mission

Our mission as a part of a family of companies is to provide the highest level of quality in our services with professionalism and integrity.

Recognising our people as our strength, we aim to foster an environment that is open and honest and that transcends to our professional dealings. Our aim is to associate our brand with innovation and exceptional service; becoming the company of choice within our industries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to strengthen the offerings of our industries by providing innovative solutions, and global knowledge and experience to the Australian economy. We are committed to corporate responsibility, environmental sustainability and most importantly to ensuring our workforce has access to opportunities that further their development.