CVRS systems and intelligent engineering create "Live data",  HD Video, Streaming, Audio and bespoke content. This launches interactivity in a controlled environment, unleashing true opportunity and value.



Explore the exciting world of Motorcycle Racing or, world Championships. CVRS media leaves you speechless to say the least.


Creating Digital Interaction with Advanced Media Solutions...

WHAT !?...

Data Media Management Content Delivery

Launching with our media, not only are our business models effective in giving you revenue directly, we’re knowledgeable about the connectivity of sponsors and media to fans and we venture further than any other platform or media. Register with CVRS media and engage further and deeper to deliver the connectivity and value needed to succeed in your sport.

Relying on traditional sponsorship models has almost become redundant as the value received diminishes as the world moves into the "Big Data" phase.  Using CVRS media to engage directly connected communities and sponsors brings the life and value back​... THE FUTURE NOW

CVRS Media enhances and drives a positive value to ensure you have the funds to compete.

The system will allow you to generate and deliver unrivalled content to your subscribers.

Dedicated to Speedway and its community of Sponsors and Race Fans.  Interact with this exciting and fast and daring event.  Interacting with the world class teams and riders


From national rugby within a country, or international Rugby professionals. CVRS media will prove to be an interactive adventure you won’t easy tackle.

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